2030 Vision of a Net Zero Council

Grid Edge is looking to the future. With the help of Grid Edge, the AI that powers the world to Net Zero,  Edge County Council have reached carbon neutrality and fulfilled their commitments to becoming a net zero council. Can’t imagine what that may look like? Jump forward in time with us and read for yourself. 

It’s the hottest day of the year- July 2030, and employees of Edge County Council are travelling into work. Those that haven’t commuted to work using green public transportation, have driven in their smart cars and have parked them at the relevant charging stations, where the smart EV charging will charge their vehicle intermittently throughout the day based on the intensity of the grid and energy prices. 

Once in the building, employees can sit in the system-recommended, most carbon-efficient hot-desk. Here they find that, despite the intense heat outside, the inside is quite comfortable. The comfort isn’t due to the airconditioning being on full blast though. Instead the system recognised that today was due to be abnormally hot and recommended using ventilation to cool the space through the cooler hours of the night. 

The system-alert also worked hand-in-hand with the facilities management team, with real-time notifications that allow them to act proactively, rather than reactively.