Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision:
At Grid Edge, we want to change the way that people use energy by putting intelligent, data-driven control into the hands of energy consumers. We believe that empowered consumers should be at the heart of the 21st century energy system, and that low-carbon flexibility should be its most valued commodity in order to deliver a more sustainable, low carbon, and fairer energy system for all. That’s why we are developing AI technology designed to sit on the consumer’s side of the meter and we focus on empowering consumers to harness the true value of their energy assets so that they can become active and responsible participants in the energy system.

Our aims:
As a company, we commit to operating with a high level of social responsibility, and an in depth and responsive understanding of the social impact we create as a business. Although we are a relatively small business, we believe that it is important to have a framework within which to grow our corporate social responsibility in parallel with our growth as a company. As such, we have drafted a CSR policy that defines the core principles we work within and will continue to build on, which will be reviewed and updated annually.

How we are going to do it:
Working to support our local and regional economy, via:

Providing employment for local graduates

Using local, sustainable suppliers where appropriate

Working with small businesses and fellow ‘start ups’ where appropriate

Working with local business to support their efforts to decarbonise their energy profiles and deliver their environmental targets

Being mindful and proactive around our own environmental impact, and managing a dynamic, evolving environmental policy that covers both our direct and indirect environmental impacts

Encouraging our employees to be active members of the community, with forums for volunteering suggestions and a team-based volunteering programme being developed

Actively supporting equality and diversity through our recruitment and management of staff

Engaging with industry groups to contribute to and shape the broader industry of energy management

Including our CSR policy in all staff inductions and actively creating an environment in which our employees feel engaged with the company’s environmental and social impact

To build a relationship of trust with our customers, through privacy, security, and transparency

Responsibility for development and governance of this policy is undertaken by Tom Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Grid Edge.