Sustainable Procurement

Grid Edge is committed to understanding and managing the environmental, social and economic impact of our business operations, our supplier relationships and our purchasing decisions. Although we are a small business with limited purchasing power, we have drafted a Sustainable Procurement Policy to help us embed this commitment within the way that we conduct business.

We recognise that achieving maximum sustainability will be an ongoing process, informed by new technologies, information, and process. However, the following principles will remain our primary goals:

  • To identify the sustainability and impacts of the equipment, materials, and services that we procure
  • To be ethical and environmentally conscious in our business practices when selecting and dealing with our suppliers
  • To consider wherever possible the whole-life costs, recyclability, and longevity of the equipment, materials and services that we procure
  • To seek out, where appropriate, local and regional suppliers and partners to work with, including other start ups and small businesses
  • To solicit the support of our suppliers and customers so that they conduct their relationship with us on a fair and ethical basis and in compliance with our core principles of sustainability
  • To engage our staff with the company’s sustainability aims via inclusion in induction training


We are currently developing an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework via a dedicated working group. This framework is intended to be a core part of our strategy and key to our short- and long-term goals, including shaping how we engage with and select suppliers.

We will continually review our Sustainable Procurement Policy to reflect any changes in our business, the sector, and the global sustainability landscape, to ensure that it remains ambitious and fit for purpose.

We are also monitoring the Company Transparency (Carbon in Supply Chains) Bill currently going through Parliament, which would not only dictate the form of our own reporting, but also allow us additional evidence-based insight into the suppliers we work (or choose not to work) with.

Responsibility for development and governance of policy is undertaken by the Grid Edge Management Team and Board of Directors.

Formal approval for this policy was received from the Board of Directors January 2022.