Platinum Jubilee- Celebrating Sustainably

This coming weekend, more specifically the 5th June, marks a once-in-a-lifetime event: Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee. To commemorate her 70 years on the throne, there will be celebrations all across the UK. From street parties, to picnics, and even parades: we’re looking at a busy couple of days. For the first time in a couple of years neighbours and communities will be able to rally together for the festivities. However, during such occasions, there can also be an influx of waste, litter, and carbon usage. So whether you’re an avid royalist, or are just happy for a long weekend. Grid Edge have put together this short blog for how you can celebrate sustainably this jubilee weekend.

I’m sure we’ve all walked down the street after a big event and there’s litter everywhere. Paper plates flying around in the wind and paper cups rolling around, some still standing with an unknown liquid in them. Here’s our chance to do better.

Think of all those flying paper plates as potential sapling trees that could still be growing if we were more responsible. Think of all those cups as less crude oil being used to make plastic products. Even small changes, if made by lots of us together, can make a big difference.

It may be easy to forget to be environmentally conscious when we are drinking and/or having a good time (I’m hardly self-conscious at such times), but we all know the regret and guilt we can feel the next day. The best way to avoid this is by some small preparations before we start celebrating.

Here are some ideas that can make us more environmentally responsible over the jubilee weekend:

Blog Written by:

Sebastian Belcher, Innovation Projects Lead

Kirt Ahluwalia, Sales and Marketing Executive