Our Story

Grid Edge was founded in 2017 by three friends and colleagues from Aston University’s Energy Research Institute – Dr Dan Wright, Dr Jim Scott and Tom Anderson.

‘Empower the customer”.

That was the simple vision that Dan, Jim and Tom started out with when they set out to change the way that people use energy. Having spent a decade researching new technologies to decarbonise our energy system at Aston University’s Energy Research Institute, they grew frustrated that too often “innovation” in the energy industry was done to customers, but not for customers; that too often customers were simply seen as passive consumers whose only role was to pay for energy and sit passively at the edge of the grid.

So they set out to change that.  

Building on their legacy of ground-breaking R&D at Aston University, the three friends swapped the research laboratory for the Board room and founded Grid Edge in 2017 with a mission to put commercial energy consumers at the heart of our changing energy system, empowering them to become active and intelligent participants in the battle to combat climate change. 

The company was awarded Tech Start-up of the Year in the Midlands by KPMG in 2019

Paul McCorquodale

Paul McCorquodale

Fantastic companies come from great people who are empowered to make a clear vision a reality.  Paul loves disrupters that will change the world for the better. Experienced in mobile, m-commerce, IT, telecoms, e-commerce, energy and AI industries.  A strategic people focused business leader with a unique ability to increase productivity and profits by leading teams, in both fast-growing start-ups and FTSE 100 companies.  Expert in business transformation leveraging global resources, capabilities, and relationships to efficiently scale. 

Dr Dan Wright

Dr Dan Wright

Formerly a Research Fellow in Operational Research (OR) at the European Bioenergy Research Institute, Dan continues to apply his research in OR and AI to buildings increased participation on the grid-edge. His multi-disciplinary background in energy and applied mathematics provide a unique insight into the opportunities in applying novel methods to support our customers saving cost and carbon without compromising on their core operational needs. Dan also led the implementation and operation of Grid Edge’s ISO27001 Information Security Mgmt. System at Grid Edge.

Dr Jim Scott

Dr Jim Scott

Co-lead investigator in ITHECA project and PhD in operational research and optimisation methods.
Held management position in energy efficiency and consultancy business.
Thought-leader and expert in Vehicle-to-Grid sector.


Richard Moore

Richard Moore

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose and Values

We are creating solutions to combat climate change.

We want to empower you to make better decisions, using data to see and use energy differently.

We mine high accuracy data from a building, apply artificial intelligence, and to turn it into meaningful, actionable insights to inform comfort, carbon and cost decision-making.

We love people with a passion for change and doing things differently. We love organisations with ambitious Net Zero ambitions. We love to collaborate with people who share our purpose.

We act with integrity, honesty and radical transparency. We take the quality and rigour of data seriously. We take your business seriously. We’re on your side of the meter.

We pride ourselves on providing a stable and inspiring place to work for our Grid Edge team. We want to inspire a diverse group of people to make a difference and be at the forefront of creating change rather than more of the same.

Use today to plan a better future. Make your buildings behave better. We save you money and cut carbon.

Our Awards


Grid Edge is home to a fantastic team of Data Scientists, Software Engineers and Energy Industry professionals.

Want to join the team?

If you are ambitious and want to join a team working to change the way that people use energy, then get in touch!

Please contact Nicki, Employee Success Business Partner, in the first instance. If you are able to attached a CV and/or covering letter, that would be helpful but not essential.

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