AI for Flexibility

Flexibility on your terms with flex2x


Our energy system is changing. It’s becoming more renewable, more digital but also more volatile, with power prices becoming as changeable as the weather.   

For building operators, the answer to this increased volatility is a more flexible energy strategy based on shifting energy demand to the lowest carbon and lowest cost times of day, without compromising comfort or performance.

Grid Edge is developing next-generation AI software that puts flexibility at the heart of your building energy strategy

Introducing: Flex2X


In a volatile and dynamic energy system, it pays to know: "what’s going to happen next?" Flex2X’s predictive-learning algorithms provide day-ahead forecast data for your building’s energy profile, helping you pre-empt exposure to peak prices.


Smart energy management is no longer just a case of how much energy you use, it's about when you use it. Flex2X’s optimisation engine identifies opportunities to shift demand to cheaper and lower carbon times of day, without compromising comfort or performance.


From smart-charging of EVs to avoid peak prices, through to diverting Solar PV to battery storage during low carbon periods of day, Flex2X lets you manage your Solar PV and EV infrastructure in optimal balance with your BMS-controlled building assets.

Why flexibility matters for your Net Zero energy strategy:

Renewables to the rescue

To combat climate change we need to decarbonise our energy system. That means we need more low carbon, renewable power contributing to our electricity mix.

A matter of supply & demand

But renewable power is intermittent and can't be easily dispatched. This makes our energy system more volatile and makes it harder to securely balance supply and demand.

But flexibility can be the answer

To safely integrate more renewables into our grid, we need novel sources of energy system flexibility. By flexibly managing your building, you can directly decarbonise the grid .

Flex2X: Innovation for the future of flexibility

Our Flex2X technology is being developed with support from the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). BEIS shares our vision for putting building operators at the heart of our changing energy system, unlocking value from their flexible energy assets and empowering them to decarbonise our electricity grid.

Unlike conventional approaches to flexibility, Flex2X doesn’t require building operators to provide complex transactive services for grid operators and risk compromising their building’s performance. Instead it treats flexibility within the context of comfort, cost and carbon management, and uses predictive data and to give energy managers the confidence and transparency they need to flexibly dispatch their energy assets.

"Very interesting and inspiring. We need energy innovations like [Flex2X] to scale and become the new normal if we are to deliver on our national energy efficiency and climate goals.”

Flex2X is part of our family of Behind-the-Meter innovations  

Smart flexibility from V2G+BMS


As part of the VIGIL project, Grid Edge provided the AI control system at the heart of the UK’s first comprehensive communication and control platform for managing Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) systems and electrical networks. VIGIL enables EV and BMS energy assets to be dynamically controlled as one, smart, flexible system. This allows all assets to contribute to the overall site demand profile, each asset adjusting such that its individual service conditions and the overall transformer limits are met.
Sustainable smart-grids for cities


Grid Edge has been appointed as the AI technology lead to a revolutionary low carbon smart energy grid planned for locations in central London and the West Midlands. The GreenSCIES project will harness waste heat from office buildings, data centres and the public transport network and share it locally as a lower impact and lower cost transport, power and heat source. The new smart energy grid will provide an answer to the challenges of powering inner cities of the future and combating the climate crisis.

Call for Partners to test our next-gen flexibility features

Discounted Edge2X for participation in our emerging features programme. Key sectors sought.

Call for Partners

Discounted Edge2X for participation in our emerging features programme. Key sectors sought.