Environment Policy

Grid Edge is committed to creating a positive impact on the environment, not only by empowering our customers via low-carbon flexibility, but also by being mindful of our own direct and indirect impact on the environment through our business activities. As such, we have drafted an environmental policy that we are committed to evolving in line with developing environmental challenges.

Our goals are:

Minimising the impact of use of data centres by continuing to use providers with robust environmental policies, such as Google and Amazon Web Services.

Actively encourage our staff to participate in bettering the environment, including via:

o Participation in Cyclescheme;

o Actively recycling all relevant materials in the office;

o Committing to the use of public transport for all off-site meetings wherever possible;

o Requiring that all unnecessary equipment is turned off at the end of the working day.

To continue to factor carbon reduction into all product development.

To continue to engage with relevant bodies to ensure best practice in sustainability.

We will continually review our Sustainable Procurement Policy to reflect any changes in our business and ensure it remains ambitious in its scope and fit for purpose.

Responsibility for development and governance of this policy is undertaken by Tom Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of Grid Edge.