Grid Edge Joins New Future Energy Project

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Grid Edge is working with Marubeni, Smartest Energy, Origami and Virta in a Proof of Concept project to explore the commercialisation of Vehicle-to-Grid and Vehicle-to-Building services. The technology has the potential to cut costs and CO2 emissions across the power system.  

The project will aim to explore service offerings that leverage Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technology.

In signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the following businesses signal their commitment to supporting the UK’s efforts to increase Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption and assist corporates in considering how best to electrify their fleet to achieve net-zero carbon targets, optimise EV batteries and maximise returns on investment:

With a focus on flexibility, the PoC will be testing predictive controls and optimisation strategies to inform future service offerings for UK businesses. The project will make use of Norton Way Nissan in Hertfordshire, one of the Marubeni Auto Investment (UK) sites for a minimum of one year for this knowledge-share project to provide rich data insights that will shape product development activities across all entities involved.

In addition to EV V2G and V2B scenario testing, the discovery project will be exploring behind the meter optimisations of on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) generation and EV charging, whilst accounting for site demand, energy tariffs and connection constraints.

Throughout the year, the PoC will run behaviour simulations to account for demand levels, EV usage and other factors that could influence optimal business operations in the future. This holistic approach will allow the project team to consider appropriate tariff structures and services that account for EVs and behind the meter requirements for businesses seeking a total energy solution.


Grid Edge installed the UK’s first V2G charging point at Aston University in 2014. The business also commissioned and operated the UK’s first Vehicle-to-Grid system in 2016 as part of the award winning VIGIL project.

Grid Edge is the behind-the-meter optimisation partner on this project.  Grid Edge will enable Smartest to implement their variable tariff at the site and ultimately enable flexibility. Through predictive control, sites that are equipped with this type of energy transition technology can be cheaper to run, decarbonise and make money.
“We’re continued to develop new AI technology, which integrates EV and BMS data into a single, intelligent system, enabling all flexible energy assets to be dynamically controlled as one, smart system”, says Scott.  


The UK market has a large amount of renewable energy at business and commercial locations often providing energy to the grid, offsetting the costs of peak energy use. V2X brings further benefits to the power market.  

Vehicle to everything (“V2X”) is being trialed all over the UK to establish the opportunities surrounding the mobile battery storage presented by electric vehicles. With the expected increase in electric vehicles during 2021 and beyond, this PoC lead by Marubeni and including internal business partners Marubeni Europe Plc (“MEU”), power and gas retailer Smartest Energy Limited (“SEL”), new power business development business Marubeni Europower Limited (“MEL”) and vehicle sales Marubeni Auto Investment (UK) Limited (“MAIUK”) is expected to deliver a commercialized solution to market whilst contributing to our desire for a low carbon society.   

The PoC is at the Nissan dealership in Letchworth Garden City and is focused on delivering factual information regarding: 

  • Peak shifting and shaving using the on-site solar generation and the Electric vehicles (“EV’s”). 
  • Power trading using the EV’s as flexibility, while considering the “EV use as mobility” with charging and discharging schedules and time of use
  • The commercialisation of the bidirectional energy management

Commenting on this initiative, Tomoki Nishino, General Manager, Power Business Unit, Marubeni Europe plc, said, “Bringing together leaders in the energy and technology space is imperative, as we consider the ways in which we can positively contribute to the UK’s net-zero transition. The involvement of Marubeni group companies including wholly owned next generation energy company, SmartestEnergy, as well as leading technology firms – Grid Edge, Virta and Origami – will shape our direction of travel and project outcomes for the better.

He added, “I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in support of UK businesses wanting to play an active role in the energy transition.”

The MOU was signed on 8th March 2021 and PoC works are scheduled to commence later this month.

If you’re interested in partnering with Grid Edge, please send us an enquiry via the contact us page.