One year to go until COP26!

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Today marks one year to go until COP26!  Over the next year, we all must come #TogetherForOurPlanet and safeguard our environment for future generations.

But what can COP26 do to help clean Tech start-ups like Grid Edge already working on this mission?  

Here are three actions Grid Edge would like to see come out of COP26:

  1. Clear targets and policy certainty – clean tech start-ups are often developing early-stage products and technologies that may take many years before they reach profitability.  Founders and investors need to have confidence that government and businesses are committed to a clear direction on emissions reduction and energy transformation.
  2. Emphasise the role of innovation – climate change is one of the most difficult environmental and economic challenges the world has ever faced. We should hear more about the innovators, technology developers and companies that are working on net zero solutions, and be positive about our ability to invent our way out of this problem.
  3. A broader focus on sustainability vs climate change: there are specific policy and technology interventions that we need to pursue to address climate change (decarbonisation of our energy system).  These should be understood as part of a wider goal for sustainable development that recognises that combating climate change is just one part of our efforts to create a cleaner, fairer and more prosperous environment, alongside ecosystem protection, managing biodiversity, reducing (non-GHG) pollution, and reducing the environmental causes of malnutrition, ill-health and poverty



Written by Tom Anderson, CEO, Grid Edge