Grid Edge Appointed Tech Lead for GreenSCIES

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Grid Edge has been appointed as the technology lead for a revolutionary low carbon smart energy grid in central London and the West Midlands. 

GreenSCIES (Green Smart Community Integrated Energy System), a consortium of 16 partners, including Grid Edge, was launched on 18/02/20 by lead project partners London South Bank University, Transport for London and Islington Council.

Concealed underground, the new smart energy grid will provide an answer to the challenges of powering inner cities of the future and combating the climate crisis, revolutionising the way we live and transforming lives, homes and businesses into sustainable energy districts.

“Grid Edge provides predictive AI and Machine Learning technology that enables buildings to optimise their energy use. With GreenSCIES, we will do this on a Neighbourhood level at scale. 

“This project gives a genuine pathway towards a more sustainable future, which is why we’re so pleased to be involved.

 “Building Owners, University Campuses and Hospitals are good examples of others who could benefit from the software we’re developing to iterate their way to Net-Zero.”


GreenSCIES will harness waste heat from office buildings, data centres and the public transport network and share it locally as a lower impact and lower cost transport, power and heat source.